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IELTS General Training Reading

The primary answer choices for this part of the IELTS test are:

True/False/Not Enough Information given.

You will be required to read a passage and then separate statements will be identified on the IELTS test. You will have to decide on each separate statement if that statement is True/False or Not Enough Information is given to draw that conclusion.

Antoine Lavoisier was a scientist during the time of the French Revolution. Lavoisier is considered by some to be the father of modern chemistry. He used quantitative measures and controls with his experiments. He was guillotined in 1974 during the final days of the Reign of Terror. Lavoisier was a member of French nobility, and he was also a tax collector. Lavoisier's discoveries lead to the fall of the phlogiston theory and the creation of modern chemistry techniques. Many of Lavoisier's experiments were conducted with the principle of combustion. Lavoisier proposed that oxygen was the key for combustion to occur. Unfortunately, his death by the hand of the guillotine left a void in chemistry for some time. The mathematician Lagrange remarked, "It took but a moment to cut off that head, though a hundred years perhaps will be required to produce another like it."
  1. Antoine Lavoisier was a key scientist during the Reign of Terror time period.
  2. The death of Lavoisier is a stain upon the French Revolution according to the mathematician Lagrange.
  3. Combustion was not considered with Lavoisier's experiments.

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