IELTS Test Study Guides

IELTS Test Score Reporting

Your IELTS test results will be sent to you about 3 weeks following the IELTS test.

The score breakdown is as follows:

  1. Non User
  2. Intermittent User
  3. Extremely limited User
  4. Limited User
  5. Modest User
  6. Competent User
  7. Good User
  8. Very Good User
  9. Expert User

Schools interpret your IELTS scores differently. There is no passing or failing score with the IELTS test. You will receive an overall score and an individual test score for each section.

Try and relax while you wait for your test results. Reward yourself for studying hard for the IELTS test and take a break. Go to the movies, hang out with friends, and don't stress out waiting for your IELTS test results.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014