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IELTS Study Guide Recommendation

The amount of effort required to score high on the IELTS test varies between students. There is no magic formula that students can get plugged into to ace the IELTS test. Consequently, some students may be able score well without reviewing any reference materials, and other will buy 2-4 reference guides and attend review courses that are extremely expensive. Obviously, it is foolish to take the IELTS test without any review of potential questions and IELTS exam content. A poor score simply add up to frustration.

The IELTS test takers should be aware of the fact that sometimes too much information on the IELTS exams can lead to "overkill". The right study guide offers brevity, precision, and no fluff. IELTS test takers should be aware of the many pitfalls of IELTS test preparation. The IELTS test will be the most important test you take in the process of starting your career.

If you memorize facts piled upon facts about IELTS test related material before taking the exam, you will most likely be distracted by the details and not focus on the concepts. A concise review of the IELTS test that helps you recall details without giving you all the minute details will work the best, because you will be able to think on test day and not be attempting to regurgitate data.

In other words, don't attempt to "overkill" the IELTS exam. Innumerable reference guides cost lots of cash and provide lots of details; you want one that gives you the best overall review for the test.

Last Updated: 05/23/2014